Biopelle Skin Care

Look to Nature for a Different Kind of Growth Factor

During a period when our planet was bombarded by extreme radiation, a little snail evolved a method to protect itself, a secretion of growth factors that covered its skin. This special fluid was absorbed and healed the damage from the sun’s rays, almost instantaneously!

After years of research, European scientists have discovered a unique way to harness this growth factor to help damaged human skin: Tensage®

Tensage® is available in a variety of strengths. Each Tensage® product has a Biorepair Index Number, which indicates the strength and percentage of growth factor fluid in the product. Our staff at the Facial Aesthetics Center will help you determine which products are appropriate for the level of repair and rejuvenation you desire.

Benefits of Tensage®:

  • Firmer looking, glowing skin
  • Smoother appearance of fine lines
  • Speeds up recovery of skin damaged by photoaging
  • Increased hydration for softer skin
Reveal the Youthful You!